21 Oct

What Happens If You Eat Mold?

Source: Written By: Laura Denby

Eating mold sounds pretty scary, but chances are you've probably done it once or twice without even realizing it. When cleaning out your fridge, you toss the obvious, clearly ancient items coated in something that's green, gray, or fuzzy, and almost always gross. But what if you reallllly want to eat the rest of that cheese? Or, worse, what if you miss it and accidentally eat mold?

5 Oct

Why some people attract more mosquito bites than others and how to treat the itch

Source: Written By: Erin Heger

Mosquitos thrive in warmer weather and are common pests in the summer, feeding off human blood. You may not notice a mosquito bite at first since their saliva numbs the skin before they puncture it. However, a few minutes later you're likely to develop a bump that's red and itchy that will turn into a reddish-brown bump or dark, bruise-like spot after a few days.