13 Sep

Why is yawning contagious? Here's all the facts about your tired tick.

Source: Written By: Anna Kaufman

The average adult yawns about 20 times a day. But why? Surely we can’t all be that tired. The truth is the science behind yawning is much more complex than just a few hours too little sleep. Even more complex? Why we seem to yawn because other people are yawning. Here are some fast facts on why we yawn and why yawning can be contagious – even between dogs and humans and over the phone.

4 Sep

Keeping children's teeth healthy

Source: Written By: Erin Westfall

Dental infections are one of the most common infections in children. Even though dentistry has come a long way with the latest dental advancements, you still have to play an active role in your dental care — and your children's. Oral health is whole-person health, and untreated dental disease has been linked to stroke, heart disease and diabetes in adulthood