13 Apr

Can Babies Wear Sunscreen?

Source: Written By: Melissa Suraya Ismail

We all know that wearing sunscreen is very much advised here, especially in Malaysia where sun rays are just a constant part of our lives. Not only do they protect us from harmful Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) that may cause skin cancer in the long term but they also have anti-ageing benefits. No wonder many dermatologists recommend the use of sunscreen. However, does this apply to babies too? Is it recommended or do the chemicals pose any harmful effects on the baby’s sensitive skin? Let’s fin

3 Apr

At What Age Should I Start Taking Anti-Aging Supplements?

Source: Written By: Patricia Weiser

Scientific research has shown distinctive commonalities among centenarians (people living to age 100 and beyond), such as healthful lifestyle choices. More and more people are turning to dietary supplements — but can they help extend their life or health?