31 Mar

Formaldehyde in Food: What You Need to Know

Source: Written By: Chrissy Carroll

When the media breaks news about formaldehyde in our food supply, it sounds scary and threatening to your health. Rest assured – even though formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical in high doses, the amount in foods is generally harmless. The compound is found naturally in minimal amounts in food and is even produced by your own body at the cellular level.

15 Mar

Consumers who avoid products with harmful chemicals on the label have lower body burden

Source: Written By: Silent Spring Institute

Finding healthier products without harmful chemicals—shampoo free of parabens or fragrance-free deodorant— is not always easy. It often involves scouring ingredients on individual product labels in search of key words. But is it worth it? New research shows that paying close attention to what's in the products you buy can pay off. In a study led by Silent Spring Institute, researchers found that consumers who avoided products containing specific endocrine disruptors had significantly lower level