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As a social enterprise, The Truly Loving Company Sdn.Bhd. (TLC) actively promotes the protection of the environment by supporting a "Green" culture through TLC's Green household cleaning products and initiatives.

The Green Trail has been created to engage and encourage consumers to support the Green cause by packaging the Green lifestyle into easy byte sized information. This information is readily available to consumers on The Green Trail App so that "Going Green" becomes a way of life. Going Green is about protecting our environment now and for future generations and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The Green Trail lists "Green" spots within the following categories i.e. Café, Beauty & Wellness, Restaurants, Retailers, Bakeries, Farms, Hotels/Resorts and Recycling Centres with their contacts and locations on Google Maps.

Highlights of forthcoming "Green" events and "Green" articles are available on The Green Trail.

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