25 Mar

8 Ways To Help The Environment In Your Everyday Life

Source: Written By: Ashley Paskill

Do you want to help the environment? Here’s what you can do. Taking care of the environment is, of course, extremely important. It seems like every day there is new evidence about environmental issues or information about what people can do to help. There are eco-friendly products and new ways to recycle. Even large international organizations and companies are working toward more environmentally responsible operations. Sustainable agriculture is another facet of environmental responsibil

18 Mar

12 Ways You’re Wasting Water at Home

Source: bobvila Written By: Andréana Lefton

Cut down on wasted water by eliminating these 12 drains on your wallet—and the planet. 1. Save Water at Home There are many easy steps you can take to save water at home, and a good way to start is by making an inventory of leaks around your house. Household leaks alone account for more than 900 billion gallons of water wasted each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That's enough to supply the annual water needs of 11 million homes! Beyond leaks, however, there are othe

12 Mar

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy

Source: Inc.Com Written By: Jeff Haden

It's easy to think of happiness as a result, but happiness is also a driver. One example: While I'm definitely into finding ways to improve personal productivity (whether a one-day burst, or a lifetime, or things you should not do every day), probably the best way to be more productive is to just be happier. Happy people accomplish more. Easier said than done though, right?

4 Mar

Why International Women's Day Is Celebrated on March 8

Source: goodhousekeeping Written By: SELENA BARRIENTOS, HANNAH JEON

This historical day celebrates the achievements of women all across the world. Celebrated on March 8 every year, International Women's Day is a day dedicated to honoring the achievements of women throughout history and all across the globe, and is typically a day for women from all different backgrounds and cultures to band together to fight for gender parity and women's rights.