29 Apr

How Successful People Make The Best Use Of Their Weekends

Source: Lifehack Written By: Matt Duczeminski

Author: Matt Duczeminski That old Loverboy song “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” rings true for so many of us who give their all Monday through Friday, and just want to use Saturday and Sunday to catch up on some R&R. What a lot of us don’t realize is that spending Saturday and Sunday binge-watching Netflix or sleeping off hangovers is a complete waste of 2/7 of our life. The most successful people know that, even if they won’t be doing much “work” over the weekend, they still have to be p

22 Apr

10 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth

Source: howstuffworks Written By: Katie Lambert & Sarah Gleim

We have no planet B. This composite image of Earth was captured by six orbits of the NASA/NOAA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership spacecraft on April 9, 2015, by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) instrument. The United Nations suggests that climate change is not just the defining issue of our time, but we are also at a defining moment in history. Weather patterns are changing and will threaten food production, and sea levels are rising and could cause catastrophic f

15 Apr

Five Tips For Healthy Sight

Source: Medical News Today Written By: Hannah Nichols

Your eyes play a significant role in your health. Many steps can be taken to ensure that your eyes are protected and remain as healthy as possible. We have selected the best vision-boosting tips to help you protect your eyes into your golden years. Millions of individuals experience eye problems each year. Some eye issues result in permanent vision loss or blindness, while others can be corrected with contact lenses or glasses.

9 Apr

5 Power Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Source: Psychologies Written By: Amanda Roberts

In the simplest of terms, we are at our best when we are healthy. But is it so simple to maintain an excellent state of health? We are faced with a lot of temptations: ending up on the couch, eating junk food and watching TV or checking social media. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to make some changes. At first, you might find it difficult to adapt but, as you see the difference, you will be convinced that it was is worth it. Let’s find out together how you can enjoy a

1 Apr

Autism: What You Need to Know

Source: Written By: Amanda Morin

At a Glance • People with autism struggle with social interaction, sensory processing, and communication. • Autism can look different from person to person. • A few years ago, the official definition of autism changed—Asperger’s is no longer a diagnosis. When kids struggle in school or in life, their challenges don’t always fit into a neat box. One example of this is autism spectrum disorder (or ASD). Kids with autism can struggle in many ways. They may have trouble with social interaction