15 Aug

How to choose the perfect pillow – for your sleep position, mattress and budget

Source: Written By: Ruth Doherty

Have you noticed you're waking up with a sore neck or not getting the quality sleep you crave? It could be time to replace your pillow. But, as there are so many options on the market, it's important to learn how to choose the perfect pillow for optimum comfort.

3 Aug

How to Wash and Care for Silk Pillowcases

Source: Written By: Abigail Bailey

The perks of silk pillowcases are many: They can help reduce wrinkles, split ends and frizzy hair, to name a few. They often come with a high price tag though, so you'll want to take care of them properly to ensure they will last. Sweat, germs, body oils, hair products and makeup (though you are taking off your makeup before bed, right?) can accumulate quickly in bedding, especially your pillowcase.