30 May

Top 10 Tips For A Healthy Diet

Source: RealBuzz Written By: RealBuzz Team

Need to get back on track with your healthy eating? We have rounded up 10 of the best quick tips for a healthy diet that will instantly kick-start your daily diet to a more healthy state.

23 May

7 tips for a healthier Ramadan

Source: SunSurf Reality Written By: Samana Siddiqui

1. Eat Suhur. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, highly recommend eating this pre-dawn meal before a day of fasting. While you may want to pass to catch some more sleep, remember that you can always take a catnap while you're fasting, but you won't be able to eat or drink. To make it easier, set out utensils and dry food on the table before going to bed so you can quickly eat and go back to sleep after Suhur.

16 May

6 Reasons Spending Time With Family is More Important Than You Think

Source: Life Advancer Written By: Michelle L.

The next time one of your loved ones nags at you about spending time with family, you may want to take the grumbling seriously. Studies prove that you should, for many reasons. Finding quality time in this busy day and age is a challenge, but not impossible. There are a few ways you can set it aside for your loved one without feeling the stretch.

9 May

The Most Powerful Ways to Show Mom Love and Appreciation

Source: SunSurf Reality Written By: .

Mother's Day is coming up and perhaps you've started thinking about how best to show the moms in your life—whether it be your wife, your mother or your mother-in-law, or all of the above—just how special and valued they really are. How can you adequately express your love and appreciation for the unique place in your heart and in your life that a mother holds? Here are a few suggestions to help you out. It's easier than you think. Sometimes the simplest things make the most impact in a person's

6 May

Obsessive cleaning may be slowly poisoning you with chemicals

Source: The Star Online Written By: .

For the obsessively clean, beware. Those cleaning chemicals you spray all over to get your house spic-and-span may be hurting your lungs. Dr Clayton Cowl, a Mayo Clinic lung specialist and toxicologist in the United States, says cleaning chemicals are a risk, but one that can be managed.

2 May

Ten tips for a better work-life balance

Source: The Guardian Written By: Stuart Jeffries

If you’re happy working every hour God sends, good for you. If not, here’s some advice on how to give your wellbeing a boost along with your career.