24 Aug

Should You Use Shower Gel, Body Wash, or Bar Soap?

Source: Written By: Elizabeth Yuko

When it came to bathing in America, bars of soap reigned supreme for part of the 19th and much of the 20th century. But by the late 1980s, traditional solid bars of soap started getting some stiff competition from liquid alternatives known as “shower gels” and “body washes.” Thanks to clever marketing—including pushing the idea that bar soap is gross—body washes and shower gels eventually started outperforming bar soap. Now, shifts towards using personal care products with fewer chemicals and t

8 Aug

Can Dust Mites Cause Eczema?

Source: Written By: Debra Sullivan

Eczema is an extremely common skin condition that causes itchy red rashes. Eczema outbreaks are generally triggered by environmental irritants, such as dyes, pollen, or pollution. Dust mites can also trigger eczema outbreaks. Taking steps to reduce dust mites in your home may help reduce outbreaks. And a dermatologist can help you determine the right treatments to manage eczema.