17 Nov

Why pillows turn yellow — and how to tell if they’re healthy to sleep on

Source: Written By: Claire Davies

We all know the difference a good pillow can make to our quality of sleep, but why do pillows turn yellow? As you may have guessed, it’s mostly to do with what the pillow is exposed to each night. Here we look at the main reasons why pillows turn yellow, and how to tell if yours is still healthy to sleep on. Most should be replaced every one to two years, so if yours is older and covered in yellow or brown stains, then it’s time for a change. Our best pillows guide can help you find your next m

7 Nov

How often should you wash your towels?

Source: Written By: Tamara Kelly

How often should you wash your towels and is there truly a right or wrong answer to that question? We asked cleaning and towel experts to find out – and the answer was unanimous.