27 Jul

9 surfaces you should never clean with vinegar

Source: Written By: Rachael Gavin

Vinegar is a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning. The pantry staple is cheap and free of nasty chemicals making it a fantastic option for all sorts of cleaning tasks. It's particularly good when it comes to removing mould and mildew in the home, which is a problem a lot of Aussies are dealing with right now after months of heavy rain. But before you reach for vinegar to tackle mould or any other chore on your list, be warned the product isn't safe to use on everything. In fact there are some

15 Jul

Understanding Types of Milk Allergies

Source: Written By: Elizabeth Pratt

Just as how there are many types of milk, there are many types of milk allergies. This article addresses the difference between a milk allergy and lactose intolerance, along with the different types of milk allergies.