12 Golden Wishes Granted

On 8th Dec 2011, 12 charitable organizations came together at the Recognition Ceremony at Renaissance Hotel. This event was organized by The Truly Loving Company to celebrate the fact that the 12 charities all had their Golden Wishes granted and fulfilled. This was made possible through the TLC Promise Me Season 2 Campaign where 12 corporations helped fulfill the Golden Wishes of 12 selected charity organizations. The 12 beneficiaries include Beyond Rehab (Malacca); Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association (JB); Hospis Malaysia; National Cancer Society of Malaysia; National Stroke Association of Malaysia; Montfort Boys Town; Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd; Reach Out; Rumah Amal Cheshire; Rumah Aman; The Befrienders and St Nicholas (Penang)

The ceremony saw all TLC Promise Me participants receiving their plaques and certificates of appreciation from Julia Chong, CEO and Founder of The Truly Loving Company. “We are truly delighted with the levels of engagement the corporations and institutions had in embracing their pledges. They had put so much passion into fulfilling their pledges that in some cases it is unimaginable. One corporation had 9 suppliers and business partners supporting in whatever manner they could, either with monetary means or with their skills, and this is really what we want to inspire. That we can all make a difference even in a small way, but collectively we can move mountains. ” Chong added.

TLC Promise Me Season 2 campaign brought together more than 300 people from all walks of life, from students to parents to teachers, from admin clerk to CEOs/CFOs. Pledges fulfilled ranged from having a fire alarm system linked to Balai Bomba; to having new computers, servers, and softwares for the Montfort Boys Town youths so that they can conduct Level 3 of their Computer Technician course; new furnishings for 12 rooms in the new training centre in Selangor Cheshire Home; developing a business plan to kick off Leonard Chua’s dream to start Beyond Rehab centre in Malacca; running an art exhibition to gather artworks for the bare walls of Hospis Malaysia and for auction to raise funds, and many more.

All these pledges would not be possible without the generosity of 12 Big Hearted Corporations and Institutions. They include Berjaya Cares Foundation, elc International School, Ernst & Young Malaysia, Fella Design, Giant Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Magnum Corporation, M Moser Associates, Nuffnang, Steel Recon Industries, TA Enterprise Bhd, Tunku Abdul Rahman College and Wit Ink Creative

When asked about Season 3, Chong replied, “As TLC’s mission is to inspire Malaysians to care for the less fortunate, we will not allow a good idea to go to waste. TLC Promise Me Season 3 will still be about fulfilling promises as the name suggests, but in a different way. We are excited about next year and would like to keep the mechanics as a surprise. I would deeply like to express my gratitude to all who had contributed this year, and hope that we could have the same passion and enthusiasm next year”

There is no boundary to doing charity, even if you do not speak the same language as the orphaned child, or the mentally challenged person may not be able to acknowledge your kindness, or the stroke survivor is someone much older and you have to learn to accommodate their disabilities. Malaysians are generally caring and kind, and the TLC Promise Me campaign wish to provide a platform to strengthen and develop a culture of caring for our communities regardless of race, religion or creed.

Visit www.tlcpromiseme.com and be genuinely inspired by how TLC Promise Me youths demonstrate the values of kindness, generosity and warmth which we all commonly aspire to as Malaysians.

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