Hari Misi Inovasi Bisnes JCorp 2017

In 2014, Johor Corporation (JCorp) formally introduced the concept of Misi Kesinambungan Bisnes (Business Continuity Mission) towards enabling the economic institution to effectively navigate the challenges posed by the challenges of the 21st century economic, socio-economic and business landscape. The concept entails the need for JCorp to focus on innovation and corporate responsibility, underpinned by strong governance to enable the institution to operate on a sustainable basis. To achieve such objectives, JCorp has introduced two (2) key frameworks namely the Strategic Innovation Framework and Strategic Corporate Responsibility Framework as the key basis to reposition the institution.

Hari Misi Kesinambungan Bisnes (Business Continuity Mission Open Day) is a biennial event and is conceived in furtherance to the implementation of the following policies as per the JCorp Strategic Innovation Framework:

POLICY 45: The innovation culture shall be inculcated throughout JCorp specifically via the following strategic internal communications and awareness activities:

  • Hari Misi Kesinambungan Bisnes; and
  • Dissemination of knowledge and information related to innovation through JCorp’s knowledge management platforms, periodical information sharing and publications.


POLICY 46: The concept, context and approach to JCorp’s Hari MEKAR shall be reviewed to include the following perspectives:

  • Outcome-based, impact-oriented and value-creation;
  • Knowledge; and
  • Inspiration and motivation.


POLICY 47: JCorp shall leverage on innovation to rebrand and reposition the institution within the domestic and global economic value chain.


Various activities related to innovation and corporate responsibility are organized during Hari Misi Kesinambungan Bisnes. They include luncheon talks/forum, pocket talks, booth operations, field trips, exhibitions, competitions and ‘Elevator Pitches’. They are targeted to benefit over 60,000 employees in the JCorp Group. The event’s strategic intent is as follows:


1 To share contemporary knowledge, information and insights pertaining to innovation and corporate responsibility; Enhanced knowledge on innovation and corporate responsibility
2 To showcase the outcomes of the implementation of JCorp Business Continuity Mission, Strategic Innovation Framework and Strategic Corporate Responsibility Framework thus far;
  • Updates of Misi Kesinambungan Bisnes
  • Shared vision on innovation and corporate responsibility
3 To inspire and motivate the JCorp population to innovate and operate businesses on a sustainable basis; and Inspiration and motivation to innovate and operate sustainable business activities
4 To serve as an interactive platform for participation by JCorp employees and selected public segments.
  • Knowledge and experience sharing
  • Intrapreneur 2.0 participants

JCorp has organized the second instalment of Hari Misi Inovasi Bisnes on 13-14 December 2017 at Persada Johor, Johor Bahru. The Founder and CEO of The Truly Loving Company, Julia Chong has been invited to give 1-hour Pocket Talk session about Social Entrepreneurship. The title given was Social Entrepreneurship in Action: The TLC Story.  The company also had been invited to operate an exhibition booth to sell TLC’s products to visitors. 

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