6 Steps To A Happier You

A new year is always full of possibilities, excitement, and of course, the aim to stick to our resolutions made the year before! One that should be at the top of your list of must-dos is prioritizing and loving yourself ie taking care of yourself first. When it comes to self-love, it goes beyond taking care of your body, but also your mental health and well-being. The stress of our day-to-day lives can be taxing which could lead to exhaustion and burnout. Mental health is not something to be taken lightly as it affects how you feel and act every single day.

Start off with educating yourself on mental health and what it’s about, how it works and how it can be worked on. You'll find out that you aren't alone in this and the symptoms are easier to spot than you thought they'd be. And don’t worry, there are ways to improve on the situation.

Support System

A good support system is ideal in any situation, so do make it a point to surround yourself with your loved ones. There should be effort and time allocated on a daily (or weekly) basis to do things with family and friends who uplift, encourage and make you feel better. This kind of positivity is crucial to keep you away from stress and negative emotions which could causes your mental health to go into a downward spiral. Focus on keeping positive people around as much as possible, be it by meeting up or just a phone call. It can make a huge difference.

Keep A Journal

It sounds fairly simple but this requires a lot of discipline. Keep a journal to write down your thoughts, ideas, fears, worries and feelings on a daily basis or at any period of time you feel like you need a pick-me-up or just a way to release pent up feelings. Studies have proven that by writing things down it helps you get a clearer perspective of your thoughts which in turn helps you deal with them better.

Regular Sleep

People constantly underestimate the importance of good sleep. Getting enough proper rest can make your day-to-day routines more pleasant and efficient. It also helps keep your mental health stable as you don't get exhausted fast and have the energy to focus on the task at hand without being cranky. Make it a point to get seven to eight hours sleep every night. You can also use essential oils such as lavender to help calm and relax you, to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Take Care Of Your Health

Exercise is a great way to take care of both physical and mental wellbeing. Make it a point to squeeze in some exercise into your daily routine, preferably outdoors so you can enjoy a different scenery. Nature and fresh air can definitely make a difference. Besides working out on a regular basis, which helps improve blood circulation, release of stress and keeping you physically fit, eating a well balanced meal is also important. What you consume is plays a huge part in how you feel so make sure to incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet plan.

Digital Detox

With social media consuming our daily lives, it's always a great idea to take some 'me' time off from all your gadgets. It's easy to get into ideas of materialism and be envious of other people's lives, which in turn could lead to depression and unhealthy thoughts especially when comparing yourself to others. Take the time off to get some perspective, be thankful for what you've been blessed with, and appreciate it.

Seek Help

There's nothing wrong with asking for help; be it from a friend, family or a professional. Talking about your problems and seeking advice on how to handle them is a great way to deal with problems. If your friends and support system can't help, do go to a professional as they've been trained to handle these situations. It'll definitely give you a fresh new perspective as well as open you up to ways to make yourself feel better.