5 Weekend Cleaning Projects

Cleaning is one of the cheapest ways to improve your home, and one of the most beneficial. If you've been thinking about doing some weekend cleaning, click below to pick a project that will really shape up your space...

  • Wash your windows. It improves your view and lets more light into your home. If you've got some really dirty windows, see these tips.
  • Your bedroom is the place where you rest, and it deserves a little attention. Give it a thorough deep clean, then enjoy a good night's sleep.
  • A clutter-busting method that really works is to wipe down every horizontal surface. It forces you to clean and organize all those spots where junk collects, and it makes your home shine.
  • Move your furniture and clean the floors underneath. For hardwood floor cleaning tips, click here. If you hate vacuuming and need to muster up the will to do it, see this post.
  • You know those spots that you rarely think about that never seem to get cleaned? (Windowsills, ceiling fans, the tops of frames and doors.) They're small details, but it's amazing how much better your home feels once they've been taken care of.

Written by Sarah Coffey