13 Jun

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Source: Rasmussen College Written By: Brianna Flavin

Perhaps you are considering donating blood but are unsure of the effect it will have on your body. Or maybe you’ve done it before and are curious about how it might impact you if you donate regularly. In any case, you may be surprised at some of the advantages. We consulted with health professionals to identify some of the biggest benefits of donating blood.

6 Jun

10 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean

Source: National Geographic Written By: .

1. MIND YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT AND REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION Reduce the effects of climate change on the ocean by leaving the car at home when you can and being conscious of your energy use at home and work. A few things you can do to get started today: Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, take the stairs, and bundle up or use a fan to avoid oversetting your thermostat.